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Who is Miroslava Arangutia?

Art and creative director.

Miroslava is a multifaceted Mexican artist, working worldwide. She is passionate about her work and recognized in her country and also in other countries for the way she has managed to innovate through her art. Creating a new trend, with a unique style, mixing plastic art with digital art. Giving a special meaning to each of her works.

“Connect with what I feel and imagine through my art pieces”

What characterizes Miroslava has been the different way of seeing life. In a constant search for new challenges both mental and physical, not settling for what has already been acquired but continuing to experiment and innovate in different artistic sectors. Mastering different techniques has given her an important recognition and added value over other contemporary artists, by standing out professionally in different areas:

“My life has been magical, I have had the pleasure of traveling and working with many of the best artists I really admire and for different companies in different sectors worldwide, each one of them has given me new lessons and knowledge.”

With 16 years of experience and her own production company since 2008 (with 3 partners) directed to shows, mapping, 3D and VFX, Miroslava has done more than 300 commercial projects. As a trainer for photography, video and graphic design, and also as a speaker, she has positioned herself as an art director and creative with great knowledge who knows no limits.

Conferencia Jóvenes Emprendedores
Conferencia Miroslava Arangutia

“I think that both complement each other. Mastering plastic art has made it very easy for me to assimilate digital art and vice versa. It has opened an immense panorama of possibilities. Therefore I really enjoy working on personal projects and places where they let me blow the imagination”.

She is an audiovisual artist graduated from BAC (Buenos Aires Comunicación), with a master’s degree in plastic arts from the Antigüa Academia de San Carlos and another in VFX and 3D at Render Farm Studios. Her main inspirations have been Dalí, René Magritte, Simon Stalenhag and Da Vinci, since she finds in her works free ways to express herself.

Art Exhibition Miroslava
Corredor de Santa Fe’s Art Exhibition


Miroslava Museo Soumaya
Painting Delivery for soumaya Museum

She is a traveler, athlete, dreamer, creative, proactive, a lover of her culture, but also a lover of the world. She can speak 3 languages ​​(Spanish, English and French, currently learning the Dutch language). Her passions have led to a unique art style.

“Discovering the world has opened my mind. I love transmitting my culture, but also learning everything I can from others. The world is wonderful.”

Berlin Wall Miroslava Arangutia
Berlin Wall


Miroslava arangutia Pintura
Pintura Miroslava



F1 Escudería Telmex

Brands she has worked with:

  • Formula 1
  • Grupo Carso
  • Sanborns
  • Telcel
  • Claro Video 
  • Claro Música
  • Canon
  • Nike
  • BMW
  • Televisa
  • Apple
  • Coca Cola
  • FIFA México
  • FIFA France
  • Telemundo
  • Acun Medya
  • Exatlón
  • Moschinno
  • Leo Matiz Fundation
  • Render Farm Studios
  • Rome (Movie) – Alfonso Cuarón
  • Presidency of México
  • CDMX Government




  • Ecofilm Fest

  • Best VFX in “Feratum Film Festival 2020

  • Expo Café Award

  • “Women Building”

  • Interpolytechnic


Logo Miroslava Arangutia
Logo Miroslava Arangutia


  • Painter
  • Muralist
  • Sculptor
  • Illustrator
  • Designer
  • 3D artist
  • Augmented reality artist
  • VFX artist
  • Matte Painting
  • Photographer
  • Photo manipulation
  • Concept artist
  • Film Maker
  • Prop maker
  • Scenographer