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Recognized as one of the multifaceted Mexican women who have transformed the way of seeing traditional art and who have broken limiting barriers.

Childhood and first influences

As a child, Miroslava found her passion for art, showing ease in developing it. She was influenced by an artist family. Her father, a television producer and video editor, introduced her to the digital media world. Her grandfather, a mural painter, introduced her to Mexican mural painting and art. And her godfather, Raymundo Cobo Reyes, a famous sculptor, world renowned in bullfighting art, discovered her talent and encouraged her to develop as a plastic artist.



Televisa & Presidency

As a teenager she began working for the Televisa company alongside her father, Omar Arangutia, as a graphic designer and video editor. She was in charge of the “Special Economic Zones” TV program, a project for the Mexican president at that time. This was her first big project at the age of 16.


Graphic Design Teacher & First art exhibitions

At the age of 17, she became a graphic design teacher for INJUVE Institute. The same year she began to venture into the art’s world, she won first place and an honorable mention with her work “Dalí at the age of 3” for the national art contest, Interpolitecnico. She also had her first art exhibition.

Art Exhibition Miroslava
Corredor de Santa Fe’s Art Exhibition


Ecofilm Fest Award and work for government campaigns

She won the “Ecofilm Fest 2008” award for her video “Climate change for mexican children”. This was a project for Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancera of the City Government. She also collaborated in the presidential campaign of former President Felipe Calderón and deputy Carlos Orvaños and participated in the 2010 Latin American Unity Summit’s performance.



Creating her first company and massive video mapping shows for government

She collaborated with the company Vivace Producciones, who brought video mapping to Mexico for the first time by presenting the event “México en el Corazón”. She worked as art director’s assistant and mapping animator in charge of the then-president Felipe Calderon.

She also created Creativita Producciones, her first company.


Video mapping, sculptress and projects in Argentina.

She collaborated in the event “El Milagro del Tepeyac” in the Basilica de Guadalupe to commemorate the anniversary of the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe, led by Archbishop Mr. Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes.


During 2012, she became a disciple of the international artist Raymundo Cobo Reyes, making her first bronze sculpture for BBVA SEO, Eduardo Osuna Osuna. Further, she made the painting “El Gaucho y su Pampa” for the then Argentine Ambassador, Patricia Vaca Narvaja. She also made “La Adelita” for Congressman Fernando Cuéllar.


After, she embarked on an adventure to Argentina, Buenos Aires where she studied Film and Audiovisual Arts. Here, she performed a project with the support of the Argentine embassy representing the union of art between both countries. She also had 2 art exhibitions in Argentina about the relationship between both cultures.


Art director, scenographer, props maker, vfx and 3D for cinema and  videogames (Play Station). Feratum Award.

At the age of 23, she returned to Mexico at the request of the production company Render Farm Studios, to participate as Art Director. Here, she was in charge of the set design, props and visual effects for the short film “El Camino”, part of the film “Aztech” the movie, recently released in cinema and winner of the national award for the best VFX “Feratum Film Festival 2020”. With the same company, she collaborated in the art and 3D development for the Virtual Reality video game “Sophie ’s Guardian” for PS4. She was also in charge of the art for the international project: “El Café de México”, presented in some international festivals. Winner of the “Expo Café” award.


First conference. USA.

In 2015 she was selected by the Mexican Embassy to present the conference “Women building” in Wasington, D.C. and Fresno, California, USA.



2016 – 2017

Working with Canon.

She ventures into photography and in 2017 Canon requests her to open their new corporate on St. Marteen Island, where she was temporarily transferred to train the new team of photographers, giving courses and presenting the “Masterclass”. After she was transferred back to Mexico, she was in charge of the project “My Canon Experience”, where she has given lectures and masterclasses on photography.


2018 – 2019

Miroslava Arangutia JEan Michel Aulas

Fifa France World Cup, Exhibition in Rome, Art in Amsterdam, and working as freelance for diferent companies and particulars. 

In 2018 she decided to travel to Europe to strengthen her English language, to learn French and learn about the culture and to start in digital marketing. Here, she collaborated as a video maker with Fifa France for the 2018 World Cup, working hand in hand with the businessman and owner of the Olympique Lyonnais team Jean-Michel Aulas.


During this year and early 2019 she had different participations in Rome for the Monet 2017-2018 exhibition. In France, she helped to develop different brands and in Amsterdam, she created pieces of art for an exhibition.


She also worked as a freelancer. In this period, she made publicity for Scola Di Canapa, Italy, for Gregg Baden and his conferences in Paris and Amsterdam, for Presence Conscience, in France, for real estate, and as photographer and digital marketing.


Art Director for Probeis (Mexico). Art and Content Director for Exatlon and Telemundo (Dominican Republic)

In June 2019, she returned to Mexico to work as Art Director at Probeis, a 3-months project run by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In September 2019, she was contacted by Telemundo to work in the Dominican Republic, as content director and supervisor of the art area for the international reality show, Exatlón United States.

Miroslava Arangutia Content Director
Content Director for Exatlon
Miroslava Museo Soumaya
Painting Delivery for soumaya Museum

2019 – Today


Grupo Carso 

In December 2019, she returned to Mexico to work in the Digital Innovation Area of ​​Grupo Carso. Here, she is developing augmented reality and 3D projects. She worked in the virtual museum of Escuderia Telmex. She was selected to make the art piece “500 triumphs of the Telmex Escudería”, a painting with augmented reality, commissioned by Carlos Slim. 


Thanks to her different experiences, Miroslava managed to enrich herself. She currently creates her own current of art, mixing classical and plastic art with digital art. Augmented reality and VFX as a transformation to the new era, are her main passions for creating pieces that make a difference.


  • Adobe Photoshop 100%
  • Adobe Illustrator 100%
  • Adobe After Effects 100%
  • Adobe Premiere 100%
  • Adobe Lightroom 100%
  • Final Cut Pro 100%
  • 3Ds Max 90%
  • Blender 80%
  • Zbrush 100%
  • Cinema 4D 50%
  • Substance 90%
  • Marvelous Designer 70%
  • Autocad 50%
  • Unity 20%









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