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“I am passionate about taking my art and job one step further to evolve the current way in which we perceive it. Achieving a perfect fusion between imagination, realism, sensitivity and beauty, in order to reflect that our limits are only in our mind.”

I hereby allow myself to recommend Ms. Nancy Miroslava Arangutia Camacho, who worked with us in the period 2015-2016, performing the position of Digital and Plastic Artist. She is a professional who stood out for her originality in her ideas and orientation towards continuously obtaining better and better results.

In the personal field, I can highlight Ms. Arangutia her human warmth and her high service qualities. Some of her main qualities that I believe make her very valuable to any institution, are her creativity, her ease of learning and her great availability for teamwork.

I know that Ms. Arangutia will know how to fully comply with the tasks that are entrusted, so I gladly recommend her.

Fausto Cantú

CEO Render Farm Studios

I want to highlight the professionalism, experience and qualities of Nancy Miroslava Arangutia Camacho who works in our company as Art Director in the Digital Innovation Area under my supervision.

Miss. Nancy Miroslava Arangutia Camacho has a global vision and works without problems in jobs where she requires a high level of quality, being her relationship with her co-workers of maximum collaboration, she is a person who is always willing to help others. She is an extremely responsible person who knows how to meet the objectives set.

Ing. Sergio Pozos Z.

General Direction | Innovación Digital Carso

I allow myself to recommend the lady Nancy Miroslava Arangutia Camacho, who as a Visual and Audiovisual Artist has always been characterized by her creativity, her excellent taste and her wide response capacity to any need.

Maria del Refugio Razo Gómez

TV Productor | Televisa

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